Japan Tsunami Broke Off Antarctica Icebergs Twice the Size of Manhattan

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Thick cloud cover briefly fell away to reveal this first image of icebergs breaking away from the Sulzberger Ice Shelf due to sea swell from the Tohoku Tsunami, which had originated 8,000 miles away about 18 hours earlier. The icebergs can be seen behind a thin layer of clouds just off the ice shelf near the center of the image
The tsunami generated by the powerful earthquake that shook Japan on March 11 sent waves an entire hemisphere away that sliced off about 50 square miles of icebergs in Antarctica that were twice the surface area of Manhattan, NASA scientists say.

Kelly Brunt, a cryosphere specialist at Goddard Space Flight Center, and her colleagues were able to link the calving of icebergs from the Sulzberger Ice Shelf in Antarctica following tsunami that sent waves 8,100 miles away.

The finding is presented in details in a paper published in the Journal of Glaciology. It is the first direct observation of its kind, said NASA.
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Posted on: Aug 13, 2011 at 2:01 PM


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